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This new year continues to bring new things, happenings, and events that are testing our lāhui with the need to be vigiliant about managing the health of our people.

I often refer to health as not just the physical kino (body), but mind, spirit, and all the external pieces that impact our lives (family, work, play, etc). There is much we see going on around us that are negatively impacting our lands, our rights, and our culture but we must continue to be steadfast, informed and willing to stand for the betterment of our lāhui.

To take the steps to be healthy, each of us must be willing to take an honest look at our lifestyle and understand what being “healthy” means to each of us individually and collectively. We all are part of multiple communities (our ʻohana, job, activities), each having potentially different needs and expectations for us – which can make it more challenging to maintain health. However, health & wellness is about taking the steps, learning to compromise, not holding on to perceived and self-imposed failures, and moving ahead. Develop your networks, support systems and take the first step to a healthy YOU!

E Ola Mau,


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