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Growing up people often asked “what you like do when you grow up?”  Most of us responded with some common answer:  police, doctor, teacher, fireman.

Today when I ask my own keiki, my daughters will tell me that they want to be a kumu hula or kumu ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi.  This makes me smile! I know they are saying what makes them happy and what they WANT to do. This is passion.

As mom and Hawaiian, I have had to struggle with making sure there's balance; that they are prepared for the future, but not uninhibited from pursuing their passions.   There is so much value in doing things--work and play--that bring you joy and validate your passion.

It is especially at this time of year that makes it so easy to nurture the passion and joy in our keiki.

I have so much admiration for Kaunoa Hoʻopai, shown here providing lomilomi to a Hawaiian in Alaska, because his commitment to healing our people is what made him learn this traditional practice.

What's your passion?

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