A Case for Us to Mālama ʻŌpio & End Vaping in Hawaiʻi

na Ikaika Regidor


Tobacco has long been targeting people in Hawaiʻi. Our community has seen Big Tobacco's tactics shift as they’ve gender-segregated (i.e., targeted) their marketing, and added subversive methods to get even younger people to pick up the habit. In recent years, there's been a marked rise in ʻōpio (youth) vaping and e-cigarettes usage across the pae ʻāina.


Papa Ola Lōkahi, along with our partners, is releasing a tri-fold brochure in the coming months to support our ʻōpio in getting accurate information about the chemicals found in vape products, better understanding vaping's impact on one's kino (body), and ways to stop vaping. Below is a preview of some of that information.


In a world where our very survival depends on the transmission of ʻike from kūpuna to the next generations, it's vital that we ensure our moʻopuna are around to take that ʻike and perpetuate it for future generations.

No ka ʻōpio (For the youth):  The pressures and curiosities of today are not the same as those generations before you. You have the power to forge your future, without the influence of nicotine. E ola no ke kino; life for the body. Be steadfast toward your future goals and don't let tobacco use cloud your pathway.

No nā mākua (For the Parents):  Raising your keiki isn't always the easiest. We know it can feel like you're making it day by day. Be makaʻala. Vaping is not safer than cigarettes for your child. We, as a community, need to make sure our kids have the best shot in life, and that must be a future without nicotine. Keep raising your kids right, and make sure you're modeling the best behaviors possible.

Whether ʻōpio, mākua or kūpuna, if you're ready to stop smoking (cigarettes or vaping), we are here to help. There are resources available, so you don't have to walk that path alone.


Resources (click to download):

Artist Credit: We mahalo Kimo Apaka, artist from Moku o Keawe, who contributed the beautiful artwork for this campaign.

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