(Kaka„ako, O„ahu, Hawai„i) Papa Ola Lōkahi is pleased to announce that experienced administrator and educator Ms. Sharlene Chun-Lum will assume the helm as executive director of Papa Ola Lōkahi (POL) later this month.

“It‟s wonderful to welcome Sharlene! We feel very comfortable with her, and we are confident with her experience and ability to lead Papa Ola Lōkahi into the future,” enthused Vivian Ainoa, Moloka„i community leader and POL president.

“Given the evolution in health care, this is a perfect time to develop a fresh vision for Hawaiian health and well-being, “asserted Hardy Spoehr, who is retiring from POL after more than 20 years. “Sharlene‟s experience in successful program development and evaluation, combined with her devotion to the missions of Hawai„i‟s ali„i to care for Hawai„i‟s indigenous people, uniquely qualify her to guide this organization into that healthy future.”

Ms. Chun-Lum is a graduate of The Kamehameha Schools and the University of Hawai„i at Mānoa, where she earned degrees in English, education and business. Throughout her career at Kamehameha Schools (KS), she taught, managed communications and community outreach programs, connected KS with Hawaiian-serving charter schools, and successfully developed and implemented the Schools‟ strategic plans. More recently, Ms. Chun-Lum oversaw the development of a comprehensive mental health care plan for the State of Hawai„i.

“As we begin the new year and a new era for POL, the goal of striving for the highest possible health level for our Hawaiian people has not changed,” expressed Chun-Lum. “Nor have the challenges diminished. Happily, many more Native Hawaiians have training or experience to move closer to this goal. Available resources, tools and infrastructure offer us new but complex opportunities. And we have the opportunity to revisit, refresh and renew our vision and commitment to the mission.”

The Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act, first passed in 1998, created Papa Ola Lōkahi, the five Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems, and the Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program. # # #

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