(Kaka‘ako, O‘ahu) Papa Ola Lōkahi, the Native Hawaiian Health Board, is in support of the Supreme Court’s decision that has affirmed national commitment to health and well-being of all tha nation’s residents, including its Indigenous Peoples.

Papa Ola Lōkahi recognizes that Native Hawaiians, as with other Indigenous Peoples, are often overlooked by the overwhelming majority, and rarely afforded a national spotlight on our health issues, concerns and, most importantly, the wise practices and values of our kūpuna (elders) that provide paths to restored health and well-being.

The President’s commitment to extending health care to all in this nation in a process that doesn’t bankrupt families, is supportive of children and elders, and focuses on disease prevention (The Prevention and Public Health Fund and National Prevention Strategy) and promotion of healthy behaviors reflects strategies that work in Hawaiian communities.

“Our elders always reminded us,” explains POL president Vivian ‘Ainoa, “That we are all in the same canoe. If any one of us is unwell, the canoe cannot move forward.”

“And so it is nationally,” continues ‘Ainoa, “As keiki o ka ‘āina, the President has no choice but to take the position he has.”

Papa Ola Lōkahi embraces this decision that values the health and welfare of us all, not just a few.

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