Papa Ola Lokahi was designated as the Census Information Center (CIC) by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2000. The role of the CIC serves the diverse populations throughout the State of Hawaii, providing education and training on how to use and access data, tools, and resources related to census information. Over the years, POL has been active in supporting communities better use the data available to fund programs, complete research and coordinate programming efforts.

Effective October 1, 2018, the CIC designation was transferred to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA). Collaboration efforts with community partners including the State Data Center (DBEDT) is underway to ensure that Native Hawaiians and Hawaii residents are well presented in population counts such as the upcoming 2020 Census.

CICs are responsible to:

  • Disseminate Census data
  • Retrieve data from the Census Bureau website and other Census sources
  • Provide education and training to underserved, hard-to-count communities
  • Serve as a Census data repository
  • Assist the Census Bureau in developing appropriate data tools

CICs promote the correct use of Census data used in research, planning, decision making.  CICs are the bridge of communication to the Census Bureau in order to improve its mission of data collection and dissemination. CICs provide program and resource evaluations and annual reports documenting CIC activities.

The Census Bureau hosts the annual CIC training conference, and provides:

  • Technical assistance
  • Training
  • Data tools
  • Materials
  • Access to Census Bureau resources
  • Support to the CIC Steering Committee

For profile data for Hawai‘i, visit the DBEDT webpage.


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